So saturday part the crew came over....some ill children...and we felt like working on a song...I had been listening to this instrumental for a long time and was like yo man i wanna do something to Mylo Ashton Aaron and Faheem came over...and we put that together....just as a little something to bridge the gap until we release some real ill shxt....

Check it out....
The ill Shake!!!


ChiNa ToWn.

Our Mandarin class took a trip to a super market in ChiNa was dope.


EaRL SweatShirt.

now 16.


My Favorite Thing$. Pt.1

Communism Pictures, Images and Photos

Vizards Pictures, Images and Photos

mpc 1000 Pictures, Images and Photos
ichigo from bleach Pictures, Images and Photos


Mellow Hype/Yellow White.

Yooo...this tape is too dope...

Hodgy & Left Brain pumped it full of different styles and such, so you don't just get like one type of sounded, you get many different sounds, which gives them their own sound!!!

Elephunk CirCus is my favorite track...

Download...Yellow White by Mellow Hype (click the pic)


brandUn DeShay - Why You Gotta Zodiac Like That?

Yoo check this video out that the homie DeShay did!!!
Not only is the song great but the video is also just as great...
The Super 3 produced it.

i totally feel this song me a sign in the sky fam...ill.

"No longer makin' tracks, I'm makin' love so, tell me how it feel" - brandUn DeShay



Sa-Ra Creative Partners.

Yo, I don't know about you, but to me Sa-Ra is one of the dopest groups out now, and of all time..
Abstract, artistic pictures painted by their lyrics, and the beats, man the beats are so on point that even when they have little off beat parts added in their it makes it even doper...They're from LA, and they're signed to Kanye West's "GOOD Music" Label...
 Sa-Ra is roughly translated to 'the children of God'
The group consist of: Om'Mas Keith, Taz Arnold, and Shafiq Husayn

man, they're iLL...Propaganda 4 The Ears

Here's a song from their album Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love




Most Of The Black Males @ New Roads -_-
Far Left To Right: Aaron, (ground) Becca, Phoenix, Earl, (back) Noah, Leonard, (ground) Jean-Emmanuel, (Me) LooFy, and Eric....The Dope Boys
The 3 Amigos.
Left To Right: Jean, Kayla, $olomon



Yooooo...i saw this and went crazy...dope dope DOPE...MOS DEF performing MF DOOM's song Accordian...produced by madlib....well actually its a madvillian track huh...well yea...Madvillian's song Accordian produced by Madvillian...Check It Out!




New $ong

Here's a little something that me and my homie Blak Tha Map had been working on...unfortunately, my voice is a bit low...but the song still sounds good...what matters is that I'm back in the mix...and better stuff is on the way...

Download/Listen To:
Model - Blak Tha Map Ft. LooFy


Valentine's Day...

I'll tell you about valentine's day fam...

Years after year alone. Sending a candy gram to this girl, and next year another girl...
Here's some knowledge for ya ear hole...
Since the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[4] The mid-nineteenth century Valentine's Day trade was a harbinger of further commercialized holidays in the United States to follow.[5]
In the second half of the twentieth century, the practice of exchanging cards was extended to all manner of gifts in the United States, usually from a man to a woman.Such gifts typically include roses and chocolates packed in a red satin, heart-shaped box. In the 1980s, the diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as an occasion for giving jewelry. The day has come to be associated with a generic platonic greeting of "Happy Valentine's Day." As a joke, Valentine's Day is also referred to as "Singles Awareness Day." In some North American elementary schools, children decorate classrooms, exchange cards, and eat sweets. The greeting cards of these students sometimes mention what they appreciate about each other.

Yea I like this girl, but does she like me, is it worth taking a chance...
I'd get some roses or chocolates...but like in the past...I bet it would have no effect...So unless a girl wants to go hang out...FORGET VALENTINES DAY!!!


YounG Ash...

yoooo my homie ashton..aka night...just released his beat tape...check it out...

The Black Tape


ashton's bday.

The Birthday Boy


Menos Grande.

guess who's back... lol phoenix being himself...
Front Seat on the Back Street


Savii Inc. 4 Fingahz Up video.

Yoooo im not a jerker or nothing of the sort...but this is my homie and his crew...and honestly...i think this video is dope...the beat is cool to...i mean even if you don't jerk, you gotta respect that they got every crew in LA in this video...or all the known ones you it out...G Prince & Savii Inc.


Back in action. [Exclusive Download]

This song right here...amazes me...i made this beat a while back...and showed it to EaRL...and even though i didn't like it much he LOVED it...and we always do...we came together...and this is a snippet of what came out of it...the song isnt finished yet.....he'll either get mike g or someone else on'll be on his upcoming mixtape...

So here it is...Download Brand New Prelude [Snippet] !


ill Propaganda Pt. 2


worked on some stuff with EaRL sure to get our mixtapes...Coming Soon

EaRL's Page

...WeIrD KiDz...