LooFy x Freddy Laz Collab!!! DOWNLOAD SONG.

Frederick Lazarus and LooFy have CHANGED THE GAME

...YO SO I MADE THIS BEAT RIGHT..THEN I HIT UP MY HOMIE FREDDY (in new york) OF ENEMY PRODUCT... and i was like..YO FREDDY,,this beat was made 4 u..and he hopped on it..and blaoh...we changed the game..enemyproduct x illchillin nXgga.......so....either click the picture to download...or go to LooFy's Music Page.....actually...download...AND..go to my music page...AND put this on your facebook wall...blog..anything..spread the word..THIS IS THE FIRST SINGLE OFF OF MY ill Propaganda LP... and i'm back..with a vengeance!!!!

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